The Developing Women for Skills and Opportunities Initiative (DWOSO) recently hosted a special event aimed at educating and empowering individuals from minority groups on the topic of consent. Supported by Amplify Change, the event covered essential themes such as different types of consent, factors influencing it, power dynamics, common myths, and related issues. 

Dadzie Naffixa Afua, DWOSO’s Communications and Monitoring/Evaluation Officer, led the session, ensuring participants grasped the true essence of consent and its practical application in daily life. 

The session underscored the importance of women asserting control over their decisions concerning sexual and reproductive health, empowering them to make choices that align with their values and aspirations. 

By the conclusion of the event, attendees departed with a clearer understanding of consent and its profound significance. This newfound knowledge equips them to make informed decisions and uphold mutual respect for personal boundaries.

The event highlighted the critical importance of consent and advocated for a society where individual choices are honored and respected.

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