Developing Women for Skills and Opportunities (DWoSO) Initiative, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the development of women and the girl child, has launched the Ringleaders Project in the Sekyere East District of the Ashanti Region. This project specifically targets girls’ prefects from various schools within the district, aiming to nurture their leadership abilities, foster personal growth, and bolster their confidence.

The initiative brought together 55 girls from 22 schools across the Sekyere East District. Addressing the participants, Beatrice Antwiwaa, the Community Outreach Lead of DWoSO, outlined the project’s objective of enhancing the girls’ leadership capacity to prepare them for future leadership roles. She emphasized the importance of leaving the program with increased knowledge of leadership principles and heightened self-esteem and confidence to lead effectively in any setting.

Jacklin Sarfo, the District Girl Child Coordinator, who chaired the occasion, encouraged the girls to seize the opportunity to build their skills, enhance their self-confidence, and position themselves for future success.

Throughout the project, the girls underwent comprehensive training that covered foundational aspects of leadership, ethical considerations crucial for effective leadership, communication skills, conflict resolution techniques, goal setting strategies, and time management.

Participants expressed gratitude to DWoSO Initiative for investing in their growth and development, recognizing the project’s significance in equipping them with essential skills and the confidence necessary to excel as emerging leaders.

The Ringleaders Project not only aims to empower young girls with practical leadership skills but also strives to instill a sense of purpose and readiness for leadership roles in their future endeavors. DWoSO’s commitment to women and girl child development is evident through initiatives like this, which contribute positively to community and societal progress.

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