Girls Mentorship

Girls Mentorship Project aims to boost the confidence of girls and prepare them for leadership positions while encouraging them to actively pursue such roles. The project recognizes the importance of introducing girls to feminism and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to overcome obstacles and pursue their goals with confidence. These mentorship programs specifically target basic and junior high school girls, with the inclusion of boys as well. By involving boys, the project aims to educate them about the significance of supporting and championing the rights of the girl child, fostering a culture of gender equality from an early age.

The primary objective of the Girls Mentorship Project is to empower girls and provide them with the necessary support to become leaders within their communities. The mentorship programs focus on equipping girls with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to address the issues they face and find innovative solutions. By nurturing their leadership abilities, the project aims to prepare girls for future leadership positions and create a pipeline of capable and empowered young women.

DWoSO Initiative firmly believes that early exposure to feminism is crucial in empowering girls and enabling them to challenge stereotypes and barriers. The G-mentor program, specifically designed for basic and senior high school girls, provides a platform for girls to explore feminist principles and values. Through workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions, the girls are introduced to key feminist concepts and taught how to apply them in their daily lives. This early exposure empowers girls to question gender norms, advocate for gender equality, and work towards dismantling societal barriers.

The Girls Mentorship Project takes an inclusive approach by involving boys in the mentorship programs. By including boys, the project seeks to educate them about the importance of supporting and championing the rights of girls. This not only fosters a culture of gender equality but also helps boys understand and challenge the patriarchal norms and biases that perpetuate gender inequality. By promoting dialogue, empathy, and understanding, the project aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment that benefits both girls and boys.

As part of the Girls Mentorship Project, DWoSO Initiative also engages survivors of child marriage to raise awareness among community members about the severe implications of forced and early marriages. By sharing their experiences and advocating for change, these survivors play a crucial role in educating the community about the detrimental effects of such practices. Through community sensitization programs, DWoSO aims to foster a supportive environment that protects and upholds the rights of girls, preventing child marriages and promoting education and opportunities for girls.

The Girls Mentorship Project is a testament to DWoSO’s commitment to empowering girls and promoting gender equality at a grassroots level. By providing girls with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support, DWoSO aspires to create a generation of confident, empowered young women who can overcome challenges, break societal barriers, and achieve their dreams. Through mentorship, advocacy, and community engagement, DWoSO endeavors to create lasting change and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive society.

The Girls Mentorship Project implemented by DWoSO aims to empower girls, introduce them to feminism, and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become leaders. By targeting basic and junior high school girls, including boys, and engaging survivors of child marriage, the project takes a comprehensive approach to promote gender equality and challenge societal norms. Through mentorship programs, advocacy, and community sensitization, DWoSO strives to create a supportive environment where girls can thrive, break barriers, and contribute to a more equitable future.


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