Developing Women for Skills and Opportunities (DWoSO) Initiative, a feminist organization dedicated to the advancement of all self-identifying women and girls through education, advocacy, poverty eradication programs, and skill development, recently hosted a Women’s Leadership Summit to commemorate International Women’s Day (IWD) this year.

In collaboration with the Widows Association and a Christian women’s group (S.D.A), DWoSO empowered over 140 women in Effiduase, located in the Ashanti region.

During the summit, Beatrice Antwiwaa, the community outreach lead for DWoSO, emphasized the significance of celebrating women and the importance of International Women’s Day. Addressing the theme “Inspire Inclusion,” Antwiwaa educated the attendees on why inclusion is vital in the struggle for gender equality and the empowerment of women. She encouraged women to embrace and support all women, irrespective of tribe, age, color, or religious background.

The summit also focused on the critical role of economic empowerment for women and its potential to accelerate societal progress. Antwiwaa underscored that financial independence grants women significant power and autonomy, urging every woman to strive for economic self-sufficiency.

Furthermore, the women received education on the importance of investing in their health, including sensitization on HIV/AIDS prevention and management.

The event not only empowered women with knowledge and skills but also fostered a sense of unity and support among participants, highlighting DWoSO’s commitment to advancing women’s rights and well-being in the community.

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