One Skill Reduces Poverty

One Skill Reduces Poverty (1SRP) is an impactful and transformative Livelihood Empowerment project that seeks to uplift and empower women and girls in rural Ghana by equipping them with essential skills. With a clear focus on skill training, the project also acknowledges the significance of financial literacy and freedom, branding, and self-awareness in their holistic approach. By organizing and conducting skill trainings in diverse areas such as beads making, facials, dishwashing soap production, and pastry making, the project aims to empower these women and girls with invaluable knowledge and tools for a brighter future.


The 1SRP project is driven by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women and girls in rural communities, particularly in relation to poverty and limited opportunities. DWoSO, the organization behind the project, recognizes that poverty reduction requires not only the provision of basic necessities but also the development of sustainable skills that can empower individuals to create their own pathways to economic independence. By offering skill trainings, the project aims to equip women and girls with practical and marketable skills that can enable them to secure employment, start their own businesses, or contribute to their households’ economic well-being.


One of the key components of the project is the focus on skill training in various areas. Beads making, for example, offers an opportunity for women and girls to learn the art of creating beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Through this skill, they can tap into the growing market demand for handmade accessories, both locally and internationally. The project provides comprehensive training, teaching participants the techniques of beadwork, design concepts, and even business management skills to help them establish sustainable ventures.

In addition to beads making, the project also offers skill training in facials, recognizing the potential in the beauty and skincare industry. Participants learn about different skin types, skincare routines, and natural ingredients, enabling them to provide facial treatments and skincare advice to others. This skill empowers women and girls to become self-employed beauty practitioners or even start their own beauty salons, catering to the needs of their communities and generating income for themselves.


Another area of skill training within the 1SRP project is dishwashing soap production. This skill is not only practical for everyday household needs but also presents an opportunity for women and girls to create their own small-scale soap production businesses. Through training sessions, participants learn the art of soap making, including selecting ingredients, the soap production process, packaging, and branding. This skill equips them with the knowledge and ability to produce high-quality dishwashing soap, which can be sold locally or supplied to nearby communities, creating income-generating opportunities and enhancing their entrepreneurial capabilities.


Pastry making is yet another valuable skill provided by the 1SRP project. This training exposes women and girls to the art of baking and confectionery, teaching them techniques for creating delicious pastries and baked goods. The skill of pastry making opens doors to diverse opportunities such as setting up bakery shops, supplying baked goods to local cafes and restaurants, or even establishing catering services for events and special occasions. Through this skill, participants can tap into the thriving food industry, creating avenues for economic growth and self-sufficiency.


Beyond skill training, the 1SRP project recognizes the importance of financial literacy and freedom in empowering women and girls to make informed decisions about their finances. The project incorporates modules on financial management, budgeting, saving, and entrepreneurship. Participants are equipped with essential knowledge and skills to handle money effectively, make sound financial choices, and plan for their future. This financial literacy component is crucial in ensuring that the women and girls not only acquire skills but also understand how to leverage their earnings and resources for long-term financial stability.

Furthermore, branding and self-awareness form integral parts of the project’s approach. Participants are guided in understanding their strengths, abilities, and unique selling points. They learn the importance of personal branding and how to effectively promote themselves and their products or services. Through this aspect of the training, women and girls gain self-confidence, assertiveness, and a sense of identity, which are essential for their personal and professional development.


The 1SRP project has yielded remarkable results, transforming the lives of women and girls in rural Ghana. By equipping them with essential skills, fostering financial literacy, and promoting self-awareness, the project has opened doors of opportunity and empowerment. Participants have been able to break free from the cycle of poverty, improve their economic situations, and contribute positively to their communities. Moreover, the project’s focus on sustainable skills ensures that the impact is long-lasting, enabling participants to pursue their dreams and create a better future for themselves and their families.


In conclusion, One Skill Reduces Poverty (1SRP) is a Livelihood Empowerment project that goes beyond skill training by encompassing financial literacy, branding, and self-awareness. Through diverse skill trainings such as beads making, facials, dishwashing soap production, and pastry making, women and girls in rural Ghana are equipped with the knowledge and tools to improve their economic situations and create sustainable livelihoods. The project’s holistic approach addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by these individuals, empowering them to break free from poverty and achieve self-reliance.


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